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Mini Bouquet - Dried Lavender (Lavandula) Arrangement

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The smallest gestures sometimes carry the most significance: the practice of gifting flowers to loved ones -- and yes, even to ourselves-- is often overlooked as we get consumed by our daily routines. Yet, it is no secret how that splash of color, celebration of the earth’s beauty, and reminder that we were thought of can produce such a strong emotion of being loved. Film & Florals aims to reimagine this notion through our bouquet collection - featuring arrangements in a wide range of sizes-  that allow you to optimize space restrictions and needs without compromising the inclusion of flowers in your special event or gift. Our use of dried florals allows for prolonged longevity of our bouquets, when compared to purchasing fresh blooms.

Our mini bouquet is sized between our nano and petite bouquets, and features a natural color palette arranged in a simple hand-tied design- created to enhance but not distract from the focal point of your unique project. Additional colors, sizing, and arrangements available in this collection.

Please allow for a processing time of 1-2 weeks to dry flowers. If you need this item shipped sooner please send us a message to see if we can assist or if we have any florals on hand!


Content + Care 
Dried Lavender + Dried Baby’s Breath +  Bunny Tail
Unbleached Kraft Paper 
White Mesh
Keep away from Direct Sunlight + Damp Environments 
Handmade in Los Angeles, CA 

5.5” l  x 4” w x 2” h 

 Bouquets are NOT edibleConsumption is TOXIC to both humans and pets! Please keep bouquets away from pets!


Variation Disclaimer
Each item is handcrafted with love and made to order individually! Due to the nature of this process, each bouquet  is entirely unique - as there may be slight variations in arrangement, color, and sizing. Every item that is created is carefully inspected for quality control before shipment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your order in this regard, once it arrives! 

Please contact us for custom orders and bulk order pricing!