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I Just Worked Out - Premium Tea Bath Kit

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Indulge in not only one of our finest products, but finest experiences created here at Film and Florals, with you in mind. This specific formula is designed to reduce inflammation and pain in sore muscles. Our carefully curated tea bath blend is composed of ethically and sustainably sourced, high quality ingredients that each serve a purpose. Unlike other tea bath mixes on the market, we aim to use a minimal amount of bath salts and powders, instead focusing on the use of natural teas and herbs to relax and attend to your body’s needs. The natural, earthy palette of our bath mix is best enjoyed under candlelight. We hope you allow us to transform your bath time ritual into a natural and luxurious escape- all in the comfort of your own home. Additional tea bath variations are available in this collection. 

Content + Care
Tea Bath Blend 
Reusable Canvas Tea Bath Bag 
Tea Bath Instructions 
Eco-Conscious Packaging 
Handmade in Los Angeles, CA 


Blend good for one use in bath
Tea Bath - 2.4 oz 
Canvas Bag - 5” w  x 7” l 
Gift Box - 4.75” w x 6” l  x 2.0” h 


Tea Blend Ingredient List 
Lavender - USA/ Albania- Calms nerves to provide pain and inflammation relief 
Peppermint - USA/ Egypt - Cooling effect on the skin + improves skin inflammation
Lemon Balm Leaf - USA - Soothing on the skin + clears nasal passageways
Eucalyptus - USA - Muscle Pain Relief +  improves breathing
Arnica Flower - USA - Provides relief for bruises, pain, and swelling 
Comfrey Root - Croatia/ Bulgaria/ Poland - Reduces inflammation + helps heal pulled muscles, ligaments, and bruising 
Epsom SaltUSA - Softens + exfoliates skin 
Coconut Milk Powder - Sri Lanka - Hydrates + combats itchy skin and inflammation


Although made with natural  ingredients, this tea is created for your bath and not intended for consumption. Please keep the blend away from pets, as it  is toxic if ingested!  Baby's breath is NOT an edible flower and is included with our bath packaging! Consumption is TOXIC to both humans and pets! Please keep packaging away from pets! 


**I am not a licensed physician. Please seek professional medical advice for any health concerns. This bath is not meant to replace advice or treatments from a licensed physician for any medical conditions. 

Eco-Conscious Packaging
It is our mission to continue to improve on waste produced and to protect the planet in whatever ways we can, while not compromising the beauty or aesthetic of our products. Below is a list of the current eco-friendly packaging alternatives we have incorporated into this product:
Reusable Stamp for Logo 
Reusable/ Recyclable/ Compostable Tissue Paper*
Compostable Clear Packaging
Natural Dried Flowers
Recycled Paper
Recyclable Clamshells - recycled cardboard pulp with no glues, bleach, + dyes
Recyclable Mailers
Hemp Twine
*Please check with local facilities. 


Variation Disclaimer
Each item is handcrafted with love and made to order individually! Due to the nature of this process, each item is entirely unique - as there may be slight variations in weight, blend,and product packaging. Every item that is created is carefully inspected for quality control before shipment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your order in this regard, once it arrives! 


Please contact us for bulk order pricing!


Order Processing Time: 3-5 days